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Hello friends,

Ali checking in to say hey boo and thank you for visiting my little corner of the internet. I already know you are awesome because you are here.

I wear many hats in this world. I am a wife, mom, nine to fiver, budding entrepreneur, and the list of roles and responsibilities are seemingly endless. On top of these roles, I choose to live gracefully with a chronic illness that has no cure or sustainable treatment. My joy starts here. . .

Take this as my formal introduction!  I am the founder and Chief Joy Advocate of Soulful Joy.
Soulful Joy has been designed to encourage and assist women in the pursuit of owning their joy. We aim to build a community dedicated to creating a place where women come together to share experiences, insights, and resources all while having fun and inspiring one another to a life of purpose and joy!

I am passionate about helping women uncover the joy within regardless of their circumstances.  I believe we have everything we need inside of us to live joyful lives and share that joy with those around us.  I invite you to join me on this journey of self-discovery and intentional upgrades to your joy quotient.

This year I turned the BIG 4-0, I entered this decade with a renewed sense of who I am in the universe.  Now I know many people who hit a wall as they transition from one major milestone to another. I probably would have too if I didn’t do some deep soul work prior to this point in my life.

About 15 months prior to my 40th birthday I was on the brink of a near nervous breakdown.  I was dissatisfied, depressed and in complete denial.  I was burning the candle at both ends and in all the doing, there was no passion or lasting joy. It was during this time I started taking adult timeouts; brief trips away from it all void of an itinerary or agenda. These trips served as a catalyst for Soulful Joy: the website, the box and the ultimate retreat experience: Mind Your Joy

You are invited to join me in taking the time to press pause while jumping off the crazy cycle to relax, relate and retreat. Upgrade your ME time with our quarterly subscription box, join our facebook community, and come back and visit this blog often.

Check out this infographic from Happify.com detailing the importance of “me time.” 

Take a look and tell us what you do to take time for yourself! Looking forward to reading your comments.


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